Psychological Services

Our experienced and well-qualified team of Registered Psychologists and Educational Specialists offers valuable insights to facilitate the holistic development of preschoolers, children, teenagers and youths of varying profiles at reasonable fees.

"Every child should be provided with opportunities to discover and develop his or her strengths and grow up a well-rounded individual..."

IQ / Cognitive Assessment

IQ or cognitive assessments are designed to measure a variety of mental functions, such as reasoning, comprehension and judgment. The goal of IQ or cognitive assessment is to obtain an idea of a person’s intellectual potential, providing an outline of his or her cognitive strengths and weaknesses.

Giftedness Assessment

Gifted Assessment is only carried out by experienced Registered Psychologists according to International Standards, for children from 2 years of age, inclusive of an internationally-recognised psychological report that is widely accepted by MENSA, local and international schools as well as  medical and healthcare professionals. The report includes personalised recommendations for your child to realise his/her potential for school and life success.

Dyslexia & Other Academic Learning Difficulties Assessment

Dyslexia, Educational and/or SLD Assessment for your child / teenager, aged 6 years and above, is only conducted by experienced Registered Psychologists according to International Standards. It will include an internationally-recognised psychological report that is accepted by international and Singapore schools, examination boards as well as medical and healthcare professionals.

Attention Assessment

ADHD / ADD may feel like a label, but it may be more helpful to think of it as an explanation. It explains why your child / teenager may have struggled with things like paying attention, following directions, listening closely, self-regulation, organization – things that seem to come easily to other children/teenagers. Put simply, individuals with ADHD often display weaknesses in their executive functioning skills.

Social-Emotional Behavioural Assessment

Assessment is carried out by Registered Psychologists for individuals from 2 years of age and above. It is inclusive of an informative report and professional consultation session. The report will include personalised recommendations to enhance emotional intelligence for success in school, at home, at work and in life.

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