Decoding Your Child


Are you facing challenges with your child’s behaviour?

Are you at a loss to get your child to cooperate with you?

Are you constantly frustrated with your child?

Would you like to spare the cane yet EFFECTIVELY discipline your child?

Decoding Your Child can help you
  1. open the gateway to end power struggles,
  2. enjoy a peaceful and loving parenting journey with your child, and
  3. help your child develop to his maximum potential.



Decoding Your Child will provide you with insights to why children behave the way the do. The book will also present you with EASY TO IMPLEMENT strategies to
  • Increase cooperation from children without corporal punishment,
  • Reduce the frequency and intensity of their tantrums and defiance,
  • Help children overcome depression,
  • Dispel disrespect and self-entitlement in children,
  • Enhance their motivation and perseverance,
  • Improve relationship between the children,
  • Eliminate lying,
  • Build strong connections in the family, and many more useful tips and strategies.

About the Author

Ms Vivian Kwek is speaker, trainer, coach and author.  She is also a mother of three and has been researching since 2001 about parenting as well as the physical, psychological and emotional development of children.  She is highly passionate about sharing with parents the importance of building strong connections with the children for the well-being and success of the children.

This book is inspired by Ms Kwek’s family, friends and clients who have benefitted greatly from her advice and expertise in overcoming the challenges they faced with their children.