Personality Career Assessment

"Knowing your personality type is the most important first step in becoming the person that you are really meant to be!"

A personality career assessment is beneficial in (i) enhancing parent-child and peer relationships, (ii) facilitating informed decision-making for potential best choice of study in schools, colleges, ITEs, polytechnics or universities, (iii) making suitable career, occupational or job decisions, and(iv) improving school or career performance outcomes.


Personality Career Assessment - Advantages for the Child/Teenager/Self

(1) Self-understanding and acceptance

Young people learn more about and accept themselves in a positive and age-appropriate fashion.

(2) Relationships with peers, parents and teachers

A deeper understanding and acceptance of individual differences helps provide effective stategies for relating to others, reducing conflict and managing disciplinary challenges.

(3) Personal Mastery & Career Direction

Every individual can find a personal path to mastery and proficiency and develop more ways to organise their school work, daily life as well as to make more  informed career decisions.


Personality Career Assessment - Advantages for the Parent

(1) Develop mutual understanding

Parents will more likely have improved communication and understanding related to each child's unique needs, ways of making decisions and relating to others. Conflicts attributable to personality clashes or misunderstandings can be better resolved.

(2) Home study assistance

Parents can better support their child with productive and effective strategies for understanding and learning.

(3) Motivation and Discipline

When a parent can identify a child's unique motivators, they can craft discipline strategies that are more appropriate and effective.

(4) Career Direction

Facilitates a more informed approach to your child's potential career decision-making as parents now have a better understanding of the unique personality profile of their child.

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